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Brand new, all pink!

You can immediately tell that this tipple is flavoured with real red fruit! Gordon’s brand new Premium Pink Gin boasts a lovely light pink hue that is simply irresistible. Inspired by the original 1880 Gordon’s Gin recipe, this new gin was elaborated using fresh strawberries, raspberries and a hint of red currants. These sweet berries convey some of their sweetness to Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin.

Surprise your guests with an unusual aperitif and serve the gin in a large balloon glass filled with ice-cubes and fresh strawberries. Another great recipe is Gordon’s Pink Spritz: mix 2 measures of Gordon’s Pink with 2 measures of lemonade. End with 1 measure of Prosecco. Italy beckons! Serve in a large wine glass filled with ice cube and don’t forget the fresh fruit. Go mad with strawberries and raspberries. You’ll love it!

Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin just landed in our online boutique and in the Brussels and Charleroi airport shops. And because we love to treat you, we’ll give you 20% off!


Thrill your senses on Valentine’s Day

On 14 February, enjoy love nothing better than spoiling our loved one! And since we’re in Belgium, this means chocolate! To celebrate Valentine’s Day, emblematic Belgian chocolatier Corné Port-Royal has designed an irresistible, red metal heart-shaped chocolate box concealing 10 individual morsels of pure delight.... to be enjoyed without moderation.

And what about a perfume? With its new offering Splendida, Bulgari pays tribute to sensuousness. In its red and gold flask, Magnolia Sensuel proves rich and mysterious. The head notes of fresh Néroli and bergamot essence leave the place to a floral magnolia heart sublimated by pure orange blossom. The bottom notes hint at woodiness with touches of patchouli and musk for a sumptuous gift for a genuinely feminine woman.

Because every girl loves her make-up, Estée Lauder’s Pure Color trio of lipsticks is ideal for women who love to play with colours while taking care of the sensitive lip skin: rose discret, fuschia or vrai rouge, get prepared for some happy and colourful kissing!


Discover Lanson's 'Message in the bottle'!

Unique, creative, eye-catching - and delicious: that are the impactful characteristics of Lanson’s new rosé bottle!

With their latest creation, the 'message in the bottle', you can actually find the message ON the bottle: an innovative concept reminiscent of graffiti tags. A novelty in bottle design, inspired by Shoreditch, the new and trendy place to be for urban creatives in London's East End.

Once again, in 2018, Lanson puts themselves on the market as pioneers: first pioneers with rosé, then with the pink bottle, and now with the creative 'tagged' bottle. Available in all IDF stores as of February!


New at Leonidas

Belgian chocolate lovers rejoice! Tis the season to be merry as IDF increases its offer with two brand new chocolate gift boxes by legendary chocolatier Léonidas. Another reason to celebrate methinks!

The Suprême Ganaches collection, presented in an elegant square box covered in golden brown paper, conceals a delightful assortment of 20 classic and original recipes. Today, you can bite into two brand new morsels of sheer pleasure as the Fraise-Balsamique and Nougat and Sesame join the Noir de Noir, l’Avelanne – creamy hazelnut ganache – and the delicately orange blossom-flavoured Floranger.

Léonidas’ seasonal gift would not be complete without Léonidas’ famous Manon. The irresistible buttercream praline coated in white chocolate, emblematic recipe of the chocolatier since 1950, is available in both versions: with or without hazelnut. The new box contains 32 coffee-flavoured or classic chocolates and is draped in a magnificent white wrapping paper covered in golden mesh, as a tribute to the chocolatier’s iconic praline.

GOLDEA, The Roman Night by Bulgari

Iconic Italian fashion house Bulgari is proud to announce a brand new addition to its family of luxurious scents. Constructed like an ode to night around nocturnal flowers, it centres on jasmine and tuberose

Created by master perfumer Alberto Morillas, the fragrance draws its inspiration from the festive and hot Roman summer nights. 
The top notes of the elegant and sensuous perfume – blackberry and black peonies – instantaneously convey a sparkling and fruity sensation, paving the way for mysterious and hypnotic floral heart notes. 

Finally, background notes of black musk, patchouli and vetiver give a resolutely feminine and charismatic character to the scent. The olfactory gem comes in a sumptuous circular flask as dark as night and is topped with a gold ring circled with snakeskin, perfectly evoking the mystery and seductiveness of the addictive perfume.

Enjoy 20% off Chivas

We have a fantastic gift idea for this Christmas season: 4 whiskies by world-celebrated distillery Chivas are available at an extra-attractive price this December.

Chivas Regal  is the world’s luxury Scotch whisky per se. The nectar is a blend of 12-years of age single scot malts with a rich and balanced flavour oscillating between tradition and modernity. Its simultaneously rounded and creamy taste perfectly blends honey to ripe apples with a hint of hazelnuts and vanilla.

Chivas Regal Extra is an exceptionally rich and generous blend resulting from a blend of whiskies aged in sherry barrels, this whisky is made from a selection of the scarcest malts. Its flavours are tasty and fruity, with aromas of ripe pears and melons with a touch of spice, caramel and milk chocolate.

Chivas Regal 18  is a very rich blend with a flourish of aromas that embraces more than 20 of the world’s rarest malts. The velvety whisky bares rich tastes of chocolate that leaves its place to elegant, floral notes. Each sip is an opportunity to explore more than 85 notes… you just try and find them!

Launched in 2012, Chivas Brothers’ Blend 12  is a Duty Free exclusive. Created as a tribute to the brand’s founders, John and James Chivas and their pioneer spirit, the exceptionally soft whisky is ideal for a good moment between friends. It boasts the highest proportions of Strathisla and Longmorn single malts that confer it a rich and fruity flavour with a sweet and creamy texture.

Take advantage of the exclusive pack containing a bottle of Chival regal and a flask of Chivas Brothers’ Blend. The sumptuous gift is ideal for whisky aficionados wanting to compare and discover more flavours.

Reduced prices on Jim Beam and Pommery

Attention Bourbon aficionados and Champagne lovers! You’re in for a great surprise: stock up on Jim Beam and Pommery at slashed prices throughout November.
All around the world, “Bourbon” is synonymous with “Jim Beam”. Since its creation in 1795, the renowned brand has become emblematic of the typically American tipple. Today, the family distillery is run by the 8th generation of distillers, who continue to perpetuate a secular production tradition for a genuinely exceptional bourbon.

Take advantage of 20% off Jim Beam Original, Apple and Black Label. With its aromas of vanilla and caramel, the original Jim Beam is indispensible in any bar worth its name and will prove perfect to make your favourite cocktail. The apple-flavoured Jim Beam Apple boasts a fresh taste of juicy, tart apples, while the Black Label bourbon has more character and a stronger taste with unmistakable aromas of caramel and tobacco.

Enjoy 20% off Pommery Champagne, the perfect companion for any occasion with its lively flavours of white fruit and red berries. The fresh nectar with subtle notes of citrus and white flowers can be enjoyed at any time of night… and day.

Gentleman Givenchy

In its elegant, simple and contemporary glass flask, Gentleman Givenchy is the emblematical fragrance of today’s gentleman. Just like its original predecessor in 1975, the distinguished perfume breaks with the codes of today’s male perfumery. Gentleman Givenchy is not for every male but will perfectly suit men who assume their tenderness and that feminine side that seduces women to their core.

Whilst the original 1975 scent was a powerful variation on the theme of
patchouli, master-perfumers Nathalie Lorson and Olivier Cresp intentionally chose the powdery, stylish softness of irises for the heart note. The suave pear that conveys a surprising sweet trait enriches this surprising flower. Another facet of the perfume materializes in the patchouli of the bottom notes mixed with resolutely masculine leather and fern. The whole creates a masculine fragrance with a nuanced yet strong personality, just like today’s man.

A new perfumed romantic dialogue 

Emporio Armani’s new perfumes, “Because it’s YOU” for her and “Stronger with You” for him, work like a lovers’ dialogue. The two sensuous, pure bottles bear the mark of a double ring, sign of eternal love, and enter in an interchange of design and scents through complementary albeit completely singular scents and designs.

The captivating and addictive “Because it’s YOU” is an ode to feminity. Top notes of fragrant raspberry and honeyed neroli oil slowly unveil an absolute heart of roses. The bottom notes of musk and vanilla add an extra layer of sensuousness to the joyful and elegant fragrance.

 “Stronger for YOU” is a surprisingly original men’s perfume for today’s unpredictable and modern man. The spicy top notes delicately blends cardamom, pink pepper and violets, whilst the heart notes reveal aromatic sage before ending with a sweet chestnut, vanilla-perfumed bottom note.

Discover these new perfumes at the Brussels South Charleroi airport and Brussels Zaventem airport shops, in the walkthrough (Terminal A & B), the welcome store (Terminal B) and the express store (terminal A). 

Do you want to save time at the airport? Buy here "Stronger for YOU" and here "Because it's YOU" in our online webshop! 

Aura rejoint la constellation Mugler 

The name of Mugler’s brand new perfume starts with an “A”, like all the other creations of the fashion house: Aura, Angel, A*Men and Alien. “A” like Animal too, as this fragrance pays tribute to the animal instinct that lies in all of us and links us to nature.

Mugler’s initiatory, powerful scent is a veritable olfactory experience. The concurrently oriental and vegetal perfume was built around fawn creeper, a Chinese medicinal plant boasting a captivating and smoky smell. The perfume unveils its fresh heart notes of tart, sparkling rhubarb leaves and light, young orange blossom. The base notes concentrate around bourbon vanilla and wolfwood, conveying intoxicating, woody and plush sensations as though you were draped in the softest fur blanket.

The completely original perfume also breaks all the codes with its green heart shaped glass bottle encased in a metal M. Like all its predecessors, the bottle can be refilled straight from the Mugler sources, Mugler’s ecological response to the many challenges of recycling. Listen to your instinct and buy Aura Mugler here

La Vie est Belle L'éclat

Discover La Vie est belle L’Éclat, Lancôme’s first perfume showcasing orange flowers. The new, light and sensual olfactory declaration of love is an ode to accomplished feminity. 

The floral bouquet blends fresh and sparkling notes of bergamot and mandarin with floral whiffs of Iris Pallida, Sambac Jasmine and petal Freesia, which are magnified by essential oil of orange flower. 

On this occasion, the iconic bottle of La vie est belle becomes a jewel that sparkles with one thousand lights, like a positive prism through which one can look at life before capturing and propagating its light.

Don't hesitate and buy your newest fragrance in our shops or here online! 

Magritte at IDF

Chocolate and art lovers alike will adore this gift idea. Renowned Belgian chocolatier Neuhaus pays homage to fellowman René Magritte and presents two chocolate boxes

Choose between an assortment box of 30 Magritte themed, individually wrapped chocolates: milk or dark chocolate, dark chocolate with cocoa bean shards, Isigny caramel, almonds & honey… 

The second box is a superb metal coffer topped with 1964’s world-famous “The Man in the Bowler Hat” by the celebrated Belgian surrealist artist and conceals 20 pralines filled with praline, ganache and caramel in addition to 20 individually wrapped dark and milk chocolates.

Click here to discover the Magritte assortment. 

Moët & Chandon on ice 

Only Moët & Chandon could succeed the feat of creating the first champagne to be served on ice. Especially created to be served in large ice-filled fishbowl-type glasses, Moët & Chandon Ice imperial revolutionizes the world of champagne and is only available in limited edition. 

Moët & Chandon Ice imperial is also available in a golden-pink hued, refreshingly festive and delightfully fruity rosé version. Moët & Chandon Ice imperial results from the careful assembly of different types of grapes: pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay. Whilst the first gives the wine a fruity dominant note, meunier and chardonnay convey roundness and body to the unique champagne with dlight hints of pink grapefruit.

Discover Moët & Chandon’s stand in Terminal A’s Walkthrough or buy both of them online here. Classic or rosé, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a glass of champagne on ice to start off your vacation beautifully!


Big is the new black

Discover the new trend of Lancôme cosmetics, personified by American model Taylor Hill, who oozes the same elegance and sexiness as the Monsieur Big mascara.

Lancôme’s latest offering is made for audacious women who love thick lashes. Fear no more and rest assured, you’ll definitely not go unnoticed with Monsieur Big! Its volumizing formula and arched brush will instantly sculpt XXL eyelashes whilst its light reflecting pigments enhance its jet-black colour, giving you the smokiest eye in the room. 

Don’t wait any longer and set these eyes alight with a stroke of Monsieur Big!


Classic Martini at mini prices

                   If for you, summer means magnificent sunsets and pre-dinner drinks by the sea, don’t wait a minute longer and enjoy 10% off the Classic Martini range! Choose between a Rosso, Bianco or make your favourite cocktail with Martini Dry. And for that little extra sun in a glass, don’t forget that the sweeter, pink-hued Martini Rosato is perfect for summer nights.

Martini proudly thrones on cocktail trolleys since the early twentieth century and has remained intrinsic to celebrations and good times. The world-famous Italian vermouth made from a secret blend of wines, herbs and aromas can be enjoyed on its own or as part of a plethora of delicious cocktails


Enjoy the sun with Nuxe

Don’t forget to pack your sun protection in your bags! And you’re just on time because this month, IDF honours world-renowned cosmetics firm Nuxe.

For an optimum protection, the Spray Fondant Haute Protection SPF 50 coats the body with a moisturising and anti-ageing film delicately scented with oranges, Tahiti gardenias and vanilla. Its light texture immediately penetrates the skin, protecting it efficiently in one even gesture. If you are worried about direct sunlight on your face, the Crème Délicieuse Haute Protection SPF 30 was made for you, guaranteeing an anti-ageing protection whilst sublimating your tan.

After bathing in the sun, refresh and moisturise your skin with the Lait Fraîcheur Après-soleil. The deliciously perfumed after-sun repairs your skin whilst prolonging the tan. It is capital that you protect your lips, and the rêve de miel will leave your mouth soft enough to kiss. To shine at night, treat yourself to the Huile Prodigieuse Or with the same tiny golden perfumed sparkles found in the Nuxe’s iconic Huile Prodigieuse. The sensual and irresistibly perfumed oil will become your best beauty ally all year round.  



Discover BOSS’ men’s cologne new scent: BOSS BOTTLED TONIC. Last born of the famous BOSS BOTTLED range, this fragrance will prove perfect this summer and will leave a vivifying, energizing path behind. 

This subtle and fresh masculine scent was made for today’s man, who is constantly on the lookout for a simultaneously invigorating and pulsating, energetic olfactory signature. 
In this beautiful blue version, top notes of grapefruit, bitter oranges and apples enhance the signature notes of the classic perfume. A faint hint of ginger truly completes the cologne and makes BOSS BOTTLED TONIC a cutting-edge perfume. 

Buy your eau de toilette here or find him in our shops at Brussels Airport or Brussels South Charleroi Airport. 

Have a toast on Father's Day

To celebrate fathers, IDF offers a 20% reduction on one of the world’s most celebrated and eldest brand of Scotch whisky: Chivas Regal. Founded in 1801 by brothers James and John Chivas in Aberdeen, Scotland, Chivas earned its world reputation thanks to its typically smooth single malts.

Twelve years old whisky Chivas Regal 12 is without doubt the most famous scotch in Europe. Resulting from the assembling of five single malts in homage to Chivas Regal’s Five Distillers, the nectar is round on the palate with a distinctive taste of honey and ripe apples accentuated by vanilla, hazelnuts and caramel. For a luxurious present, buy it in pairs in a special pack.

You also get 20% off the Chivas Brothers’ Blend, a recent whisky created to pay tribute to the pioneers of the Chivas house. It highlights the particularly soft and much loved Speyside malts for the enjoyment of all. 

Hurry up to the IDF online boutique here or go to our shops at Brussels Airport and Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

More Godiva

Because a bite full of chocolate is never enough, the genius chocolatier had a brilliant idea: 300g tablets. The long and elegant tablet is ideal to discover or share (only if you want to) all three versions of the collection: pistachios, almonds and hazelnuts.

These new creations of Godiva’s master chocolate-makers will please the finest taste buds. The best nuts were carefully chosen to marry the traditional milk or dark Godiva chocolate.

Don’t wait another minute before trying Godiva’s irresistible collection in the IDF online boutique and The Belgian Chocolate House boutiques in Brussels Airport and Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

Burberry Sport at unbeatable prices!

You’re used to getting an indispensible promotion with IDF. Well this May, we’ve decided to pay homage to Burberry Sport for Men and Women.

Burberry’s Sport fragrances are directly inspired by the eponymous prêt-à-porter collection and prove simultaneously elegant and easy to wear. The Men’s perfume leaves a vibrating and energetic trail as it superbly marries subtle ginger and cedar wood with the freshness of grapefruits.

Evoking large spaces and saltiness, Burberry Sport for Women also associates ginger with citrus fruit (mandarins in this case), with a heart note of magnolias, honeysuckle and small grains make it a feminine yet modern scent. The bottom notes of musk and cedar wood give Burberry Sport for Her a refined, memorable trail.

Mother's day

Don’t you dare forget your mum on 14 May! And should you be short of inspiration this year, IDF has got it all worked out and is delighted to present its selection for today’s modern and busy woman. IDF offers an exceptional promotion on two bestsellers of high range, fine leather Guess collection.

With an outer shell in black quilted patent emphasized by the Guess logo, the Nikki shopper is timelessly elegant. The practical bag can be worn by hand or over the shoulder thanks to its long handles in chains. Trust me when I say that it’s the new season’s indispensable bag for women who want elegance AND functionality.

In the same collection, the Nikki wallet is magnificently designed. Concurrently spacy and compact, you can keep everything in it and not lose your credit card, cash and document in a glance. Available online here and in our stores at the airport of Brussels Zaventem and Brussels South Charleroi Airport

Shine a light!


Brand new in the IDF boutiques: May’s flagship product, Yves Saint Laurent renowned Touche Éclat is available in a limited, spangled edition.

Every woman knows the magic wand for enhanced radiance that conceals dark circles and sublimates facial features in one quick stroke. Created by Yves Saint Laurent 25 years ago, it has become the little black dress of makeup and a must-have in any handbag worthy of its name.

To celebrate this silver anniversary with success, the brand issues a limited collector’s edition of Touche Éclat. In this exceptional edition, the precious golden wand is adorned with stars in a reference to its immediate, magical effect. 

The package also sparkles and don’t be surprised when you see a dozen golden glittering stars bursting out of a little bag upon opening! Frankly, can you think of a better present for your best friend or yourself?

Get yours over here! Also available in the IDF stores at the airports of Brussels Zaventem and Charleroi

Code Colonia, Armani's Spring offering!


World-famous Italian brand Armani typifying relaxed chic now has a new code! CODE COLONIA is as refreshing as its light blue colour and joins its two predecessors – ARMANI CODE and ARMANI CODE PROFUMO – in their mission to leave behind a subtle and refined scented trail exuding elegance and class.

Like the other CODE ARMANI perfumes, this new creation by the Italian high fashion house evokes a virile, sensuous fern. Perfumer Antoine Maisondieu wanted to instil a hint of orange blossom to give the perfume a citrus top note. Tonka beans and heliotrope give the bottom notes blends of woody and amber

Simultaneously fresh and deeply sensuous, CODE COLONIA perfectly incarnates the spirit of naturally sophisticated men so dear to Giorgio Armani.

Code Colonia is also available in our IDF shops at the airports of Brussels Zaventem and Brussels South Charleroi Airport. Click here to buy the Code Colonia. 

Copperhead Gin online now!

  Although Gin is several centuries old, Copperhead Gin has just arrived at IDF. From now on, you too can find the emblematic copper flask in our online shop.

This beautiful bottle will be the ideal Easter / Spring gift for all budding mixologists. Now for the story: fascinated by the many virtues and pharmaceutical properties of gin (hence the caduceus), a Belgian pharmacist created Copperhead London Dry Gin.

The modern-time alchemist experiments with gin by macerating aromatic plants and herbs in copper barrels and comes up with a blend that associates juniper berries, cardamom, angelica, with orange peel and coriander seeds. The result is a fresh, elegant alcohol with subtle hints of citrus fruits and spicy notes.

This gin is also available in our shops at Brussels Airport Zaventem and Brussels South Charleroi Airport. Click here to buy the Copperhead Gin. 

Kipling in a click (or two)

  IDF online store is delighted to offer its customers yet another leather goods label. Since its launch in 1987, Kipling is celebrated for its light, practical and sturdy nylon bags.

The exemplary travel brand was born from the imagination of three Antwerp designers passionate about Rudyard Kipling, great traveller and the author the Jungle Book… represented by the cheeky monkey: mascot of the brand and now a collector.

Browse through our selection of bags and pouches and discover some of the brand’s bestsellers, including the two-compartments Walan toiletries bag, unmatched for putting away bits and pieces and makeup or still, the legendary City Pack backpack. Like all Kipling articles, these luggage essentials are available in a wide range of colours and prints.

Kipling is also available in our IDF stores at the airports of Brussels Zaventem and Brussels Charleroi. Click here to view our online collection.

Lancôme newest treasure: La Nuit

  Spring is just around the corner, bringing whiffs of flowery scents. To celebrate the eternal rebirth, IDF honours Lancôme’s latest Trésor scent, the Eau de Toilette La Nuit, you perfect ally for spring nights.

Enriching the collection of the renowned Trésor, La Nuit has intensely sensuous notes. The sumptuous love philtre shines brightly in a multifaceted, diamond-shaped bottle. Gleaming in its magnificent setting, the violet juice evokes the passion of love in a whirlwind of roses. The Queen of flowers is layered with wild blackberries and a bouquet of white flowers. Subtle citrus notes bring a touch of sharp freshness.

Discover La Nuit in the Brussels and Charleroi airports IDF shops or take the opportunity to discover them in our webshop. Click here to buy the new Eau de Toilette. 

Celebrate women on 8 March

  Is there a better way to celebrate the women around you than by offering a box of chocolates with a 10% reduction?

We think not! What’s more, we feel that one day doesn’t do women justice, so we’ll extend the offer until 31 March. Rejoice with the girls in Godiva's brand new limited edition: Messages Tout Chocolat chocolate box.
Treat your loved ones to a box filled with four brand new flavors and boasting fun and quirky and inspirational messages “love”, “luck”, “joy” and “Zen”, which are delicately painted on the crispy, crunchy chocolate coat. 

Godiva’s great conversation starters will prove a fabulous, unforgettable gift… Perfect for women everywhere, and (if they deserve it) the men around them.

Available in the IDF stores and in our online shop. Click here to buy this lovely chocolate box. 

IDF celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day

Let’s celebrate Ireland during March and enjoy Saint Patrick’s Day. Don’t miss this happening to stock up your bar with a 20% reduction on four world famous whiskies. Sláinte !  

The prominent Cork whisky in the green bottle is produced from a fruity blend with a high content of pure pot still whisky. The golden yellow ambrosia divulges fruity and spicy aromas (peach).

Bushmills Original
Best-known assembly o the Old Bushmills distillery, this triple distilled whisky is still made reporting to the ancestral, 400 years old recipe. The grassroots whisky boasts suave notes of fruit, honey and vanilla.

Black Bush
The Bushmills’ high range tipple includes more than 80% single malts. Its overwhelming aromas perfectly marry dried fruit and Christmas cake. This typically Irish whisky is aged in oak barrels formerly used for Xeres Oloroso.

Bushmills 10 years
The most leading Irish single malt aged for more than ten years in American oak caskets used for bourbon. The particularly fine, simultaneously full-bodied and smooth whisky allies flavours of caramel, chocolate and vanilla.

Pamper your skin…. At a comfortable price

There’s nothing quite like body care to keep your mind off winter. Until end February, enjoy some truly exceptional prices on two luxury beauty care products.
Massage Biotherm’s Anti-Drying Milk into your skin and feel the fluid, fresh cream melt into your body. The triple action daily care moisturises, prevents dry skin and rebuilds the skin’s protective barrier. Your perfectly moisturised skin is once again satin soft.   
With its delicate lavender smell, Elizabeth Arden’s night repair cream erases any sign of fatigue or stress during the night, optimizing the skin repairing process. The appeasing, moisturising cream is suited to all skin types.

Find all our products at comfortable prices in our monthly folder.

February promotions

As winter slowly departs and to celebrate the coming of sunnier and loved filled days, treat yourself to IDF’s latest promotions, including 25% off two perfumes for women. But hurry, you’ve only got until the end of the month!
  Boss Women leaves a remarkable, instantly recognizable trail with its acidulated notes of orange, tangerine, mango, kumquat and other delicious fruits underlining the passion fruit, canaga, freesia and iris heart and bottom notes of white cedar, musk, sandalwood and vanilla.  
   With its new scent “Nina Ricci”, the iconic brand offers an audacious, glamorous fragrance carefully created around the sparkling notes of rhubarb and bergamot, which serve to showcase the sumptuous alliance of mirabilis and patchouli.

Cartier’s Baiser Fou, falling in love again

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this is the perfect moment to uncover Cartier’s latest olfactory contribution, “Baiser Fou”, a flower-filled hymn to love with an outstanding trail. 

A golden top adorned with a bright red cabochon tops the flawless crystalline bottle. Playful yet modern Baiser Fou is a vibrant honouring to orchids, the brand’s favorite bloom. Imagined by perfumer Mathilde Laurent, the sumptuous stem vase reflects the fragrant facets of the most feminine, sensuous flowers of all. The trail lingers like so many red lipstick kisses… spiritedly teasing the senses.

Cartier’s Baiser Fou is exclusively available on our webshop and in the Brussels Zaventem and Charleroi airports.

Valentine at International Duty Free

Valentine’s day is just around the corner but you’re just too tied up to shop? 
If you’re flying off somewhere, why not enjoy the exceptional duty free prices for all duty free products available on our online webshop?

For a soft, luscious and seductive mouth, Lancôme’s new Rouge In Love boasts an ultra-light texture, giving you compelling and indigenous looking lips for up to 6 hours.

If you prefer a shiny, sensuous texture, Yves Saint Laurent’s Gloss Volupté was made for you. Its lip-shaped applicator will accurately protect your lips with a moisturizing, non-stick fluid in one fluid gesture.

What would Valentine’s day be without perfume?
Estée Lauder’s Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss offers a deeper, completely addictive version of über glamour Modern Muse Le Rouge. Simultaneously sensuous and enticing, its red fruit notes are sublimed by a glossy impression.

Chocoholics everywhere will fall for Neuhaus’ delicious red heart-shaped box, with a selection of 10 timeless pralines. Also the heart shaped Godiva gold chocolate box offers three sorts of chocolate hearts: white, milk and dark.
Finally, end that special night with a twinkle and enjoy one of our pink champagnes.
-  Laurent-Perrier Champagne 

-  Louis Roederer Champagne

New fragrance of Givenchy: Songe Précieux

The new parfume of Givenchy: Songe Précieux 
Celebrating the untamable spirit of women, Givenchy introduces its new perfume, Songe Précieux, whilst the New Year brings new hope and a new feminity.

The revolutionary new scent encompasses the flamboyant and untamable spirit of women worldwide. Protagonist of a supernatural tale, the heroine of a whimsical dream majestically emerges from a whirlwind of blazing feathers, ready to fulfill her mission of love and seductiveness. Her weapon of choice is a simple, timeless transparent bottle filled with simultaneously soft and strong fragrances.

As the pink peony nymphea flower and jasmine petals veil the skin in a soft cloud of feminity, cedar-wood, white musk and sandalwood give a warmness to balance the spicy Pink Pepper and dynamic, fruity accents of pink grapefruit and guava.

Draped in her new armor, today’s dreamy heroine is ready to embark on an enchanted journey. Exclusively available from January 2nd in our IDF shops and in our webshop

Brand New Webshop

               IDF continues to grow and will now boast its very own online boutique, specifically targeted to the passengers of the Brussels South Charleroi Airport.
From the start of 2017, passengers holding a ticket from or to Brussels South Charleroi Airport will enjoy exceptional rates on a wide selection of products available online. Belgian specialities, perfumes and cosmetics, chocolates and confectioneries, liquor, fashion and accessories, travel and leisure… all categories are represented through more than 5000 products.
With such brands as Godiva, Corné Port-Royal, Neuhaus, representing Belgian chocolates, perfumes signed Moschino, Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, and Rayban sunglasses, the DUTY FREE’s best deals are just a click away!
The web shop offers a wide range of products complementing the broad selection available in the airport’s boutiques. After completing flight references, passengers will have all the time in the world to shop and choose amongst one of the many delivery options on offer, such as pick up at the airport, at the quick departures or in a Kariboo distribution point… or even at home.

Quick, easy, and more advantageous than ever before.